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19. The Advancement of "War on Cancer" - Treatment, Theory and Prevention

Our cognition about cancer keeps improving. It is getting closer and closer to the truth. So does the therapies.

  • Growth paradigm: Cancer cells just grow crazily fast

    • surgery, radiation, chemo: hoping to kill cancer cells faster than they grow

  • Genetic paradigm: Why cancer cells grow fast? Somatic mutation theory

    • targeted therapy, gene sequencing

  • Evolutionary paradigm: What is cancer? Why does it exist? Targeted backwards evolution theory

    • immunotherapy, metabolic therapy

The "atavism" model of cancer was proposed by astrophysicists. The human body is a microcosm for somatic cells.

According to the evolution theory above, how we can choose the best treatments that suit us and how to avoid over-treatment. Two cancer treatment success stories are presented.

There are three important energy-sensing kinases in cells. How to control them with food and exercise for cancer prevention.

Please see the following document for details

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